Thursday, April 9, 2009

and the story goes ..

Hell-o fuckers, haters, lovers and such. Thanks for stepping by to my worthless, good-for-nuti n blog. Im spending most of my night working on this blog.Shit. Its not easy as it seems to be naah but i managed to figured it out somehow.This is suppose to be my first post and im trying not to mess with but who's care eh? The word first is kinda historical and tragic. First love, first grade, first sex (oops), first love (err,did i already mentioned it before?). I love to meet a person that has unlimited creativity and imagination as i possesed (err too much i think). I started to read blog since 2 years back and i find it interesting and accomodative to myself. Fuck, this thing is great shit to make it easier.i often laugh my ass off (lmao) untill i laugh somebody else ass later. Gaahhh, whatttaafucck? no introduction of myself ? ehe. no need la dude. But certainly im not as what u think but its getting closer. I seldom show my true personality to random people. Ahh, penat la nak tulis banyak2.haha. So,this is it for now :)

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